Quote of the Day: Lady Gaga

I’m not an alien, I’m not a woman, I’m not a man, and I’m not a creature of your government, Manila. I’m all your dreams and I’m all your potential. Let me be all your insecurities and your fears. I’m your future, I’m everything that makes you sad and angry. I’m you, little monsters. Tonight’s not a statement, tonight’s us coming together because we believe we were all born this way. Some people say I stand for things that are bad. The truth is, I want the best for every single one of you. My life is like one whole performance of LIBERATION.”

“All of those kids all around the world who take their lives when they’re so young because they feel bullied, or they’re afraid because they’re gay and don’t want to tell anybody. Don’t you think that some of us should fucking stand up for them and speak the goddamn truth? It’s true! It’s not about the music, it’s not about my clothes, it’s not about having hit records. It’s the fucking goddamn truth that people in the world need to be free and be proud of who they are.

— Lady Gaga on Status Magazine